Legal Shield

A team of lawyers ready when you need them!

What is Legal Shield?

It’s total access. It’s total freedom. Everyone deserves legal protection. And now, with LegalShield, everyone can access it. No matter how traumatic. No matter how trivial. Whatever your situation is, they are here to help. From realLEGAL SHIELD
estate to divorce advice, identity theft and beyond, they have your rights covered. Welcome to total peace of mind. Welcome to LegalShield. Total Access. Total Freedom.
• Established in 1972
• 2.1 million requests for legal assistance last year
• 1.4 million memberships across the USA and 4 provinces in Canada
• Proprietary system of provider law firms covering 49 states and Canada
• Offering a high-quality, cost-effective legal and ID theft service


In a perfect world, you’d never need a lawyer. Reality is unpredictable. From sign-up to settlement, LegalShield makes it simple.

For more than 40 years, the goal of Legal Shield has been to take a straightforward, practical approach to legal coverage. Those same values are carried through to the LegalShield process itself, laid out below in three easy steps.

Become a Member

Pick a plan for your family or your small business. You’ll be connected with a local team of lawyers with extensive knowledge of regional laws and regulations. After you’re signed up, download the app to communicate with your firm in just a few clicks.

Go About Your Day

No one plans on legal trouble. But when life throws you a curveball, Legal Shield can make sense of the legal complexities and help you come out on top. From estate planning and traffic violations to family law and civil litigation—no matter what trouble you run into, give your team a call. Your representative will be in touch within hours.

Huddle With Your Lawyer

Now it’s time to strategize. Your lawyer will review your case and discuss your options with you. It could be as simple as reviewing a document, writing a demand letter, or making a phone call on your behalf. Should the issue lead to some time in court, you can breathe easy. The biggest benefit of LegalShield is knowing you have a legal team in your side. Worry less. Live more. They’ve got you covered.